Downriver Gymnastics


13777 Eureka Rd Southgate Southgate MI 48195 US

A credit or debit card is required when registering.  

Payment is due at the time of registration. 

2019 Registration ($12) will run with January tuition payment

This is required for anyone who comes to the gym.

Checks will no longer be accepted for Open Gym, Drop In, or Clinics

  Open workout

       EVERYDAY 2pm-4pm   $10 

($15 if not enrolled in a class.)

(Annual registration required) 

This is a great chance for kids to get some extra practice on skills they learned in class!

We ask that kids DO NOT play tag games or ball games during open workout. 

Have A DG Birthday Party


 Times available on

Fridays, Saturdays, & sundays

  toddler time

   open gym for walking -5yr old

monday & friday 10am-12pm  $5

($10 if not enrolled in a class)

   adult supervision required

(annual registration required)

        Drop-in         tumbling

  mon-thur 8:15pm-9:15pm  $10

   (Annual registration required)

To get pre-registration prices for events you must register 48 hours in advance.