Downriver Gymnastics


13777 Eureka Rd Southgate Southgate MI 48195 US

Class Descriptions

We offer classes for everyone, including beginners, special needs, and those wanting to compete in the sport of gymnastics
“The best performances come when the athlete is having fun”


Preschool Classes
Jumpstart! Leaping toward a bright future!

Caviar (walking to 17 months) In this class your child will explore
basic movement with an emphasis on building motor skills and developing
strength, balance, and coordination. Your child will get to burn off their
endless energy in a safe, comfortable environment. This class is 30 minutes long.

Tadpoles (18 months – 3 years) Have fun with your child in this
parent and tot class offered for 45 minutes! Your child will learn basic
gymnastics skills, motor development, and coordination in a safe, fun
environment! You’ll see the beginning stages of socialization as the
kids develop friendships with other children.

Hoppers (3 years old) This class is for the child who is ready to
explore the world of gymnastics on their own! We’ll do all basic gymnastics
skills, work on verbal instruction and listening skills, and strength and
coordination. This class is 45 minutes long.

Leapers (4 years old) In this class we invite our oldest Jumpstart
students to learn the basic gymnastics skills and gain strength,
coordination, and agility! In 45 minutes we’re developing good
discipline and behaviors while learning about our body awareness in a
fun, safe environment!

Pollywogs (3 – 4 years old with experience) This invitation only class
for our 3 and 4 year olds who need more of a challenge! This fun, high
energy class is structured around skill ability and will be a step toward 
continuing to Gym Stars. This class is 45 minutes long.

Toads (3-4 year old boys) This class is for the boy who is ready to
explore the world of gymnastics on their own! We’ll do all basic gymnastics
skills, work on verbal instruction and listening skills, and strength and
coordination. This class is 45 minutes long.


Beginner/Recreation Classes 

Goldfish Level (5 & 6 yrs)
Sunfish Level (6 & 7 yrs)
Bluegill Level (8 & older)

Toads (3 & 4 yrs)
Super Guys (5 & 6 yrs)
Big Guys ( 7 & older)

In these class levels, children are grouped by age and/or ability. they are designed for students with little or no experience with the sport. Children in these classes will learn basic gymnastic progressions on all four Olympic gymnastics apparatus for girls and all 6 Olympic apparatus for boys as well as tumble track, trampoline and our loose foam pit.

Pike Level (Bronze - Intermediate): This class will introduce students to gymnastic skills beyond the basics. Students must be comfortable and confident on all pieces of apparatus to be placed in this class. Strength and flexibility will also be stressed.


Invitation Only Classes

Advanced level coach approved classes!

Gym Stars (ages 4-5), Super Gym Stars (ages 5-6), Elite Gym (ages 6-7)

Barracudas/Stingrays ages 8 years and older

These classes are the first step to our competitive team. Students will move beyond the basics, learning more advanced skills and combinations of skills. We will work hard to improve students’ skill level while continuing to foster her love of gymnastics. We anticipate that all of our stars and advanced students will follow the same dress code guidelines as our team gymnasts. Gymnasts must have hair up (pony tail) and wear a leotard to class-no street clothes are permitted.


Competitive Team and Pre-Team 

(USAG Level 2-9) Boys and Girls Teams

Designed to build both the body and mind, gymnasts invited to these teams are focused on learning & mastering the team skills. Conditioning & flexibility become more a part of their work as they need these attributes to progress on to more challenging skills, building character, self-esteem & overall physical development. All this is done according to guidelines set by USAG gymnastics. Competitive and pre-team programs are designed for the more advanced & dedicated gymnast.


Special Needs

We encourage any students with special needs to come check out our facility.

Our classes are all inclusive!


Private Lessons

Available with the coach of your choice. Talk to our office staff or the coach of your choice to set up a time. Registration and deposit required. Payment due at least 24 hours before the lesson.


Totally Tumbling

Tiny Tumbling- In this class your child will learn how to do cartwheels, back bends, handstand, roundoffs, forward rolls and kick overs. This class is 45 minutes long. This class is for children age 5-7 years old.

Totally Tumbling Level 1- In this class your child will learn cartwheels, roundoffs, back bends, kick overs and back walkovers. This class is 1 hour long and is for children over the age of 8 years old.

Totally Tumbling Level 2- In this class your child will learn back hand springs, roundoff back hand spring and how to connect standing back hand springs, up to 5 in a row. Your child must have a back walk over to be in this class. This class is 1 hour long.

Totally Tumbling Level 3- In this class your child will learn standing back tucks, roundoff back hand spring back tuck and standing back hand spring back tuck.  Your child must have 5 back hand springs connected in a row. This class is 1 hour long. 

Totally Tumbling Level 4- In this class your child will learn layouts and twisting. Your child must have a standing back tuck & round off back hand spring back tuck to be in this class. This class is 1 hour long 


FAST Classes

Fundamentals of Agility & Speed Training

 FAST Classes are designed to bring to life everything kids love to do - running, jumping, climbing, flipping, and becoming a ninja warrior.  Physically, FAST is a natural method of training the body to efficiently go from point A to point B making use of the environment that’s around at any given time. It requires no specific structure nor accessory for its practice. The body is the only tool. It’s an athletic discipline accessible to all, because it combines all the natural skills of the human body: running, jumping, and climbing. FAST is about being able to face the obstacles with which you are presented, whether they be in the natural environment or in the combines effectiveness and control.  Our goal of the FAST program is for our ninja warriors to not just leave better athletes and for them to conquer their training goals, but to leave empowered, believing that, with hard work and perseverance, they can conquer any challenge that life puts in front of them.

Junior Jumpers (3-4yr)

Monkey time (5-7yr)

Ninja Kids (8-15yr)

Parkour 1 (8-15yr)

Parkour 2 - invite only (8-15yr)

Parkour 3/Tricking - invite only (8-15 yr)

Parkour Team - invite only (8-15yr)

Ninja Warrior (5-15yr)