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Clinics and Private Lessons

Back Walkover Clinic

This clinic is great for students who not only want to achieve the back walkover, but also for those that are working toward a back bend or the kick over. This 45 minute clinic offers skills and drills progressing toward the back walkover. They will receive some one on one attention as well as independently working the circuit of related skills. The back walkover clinic is offered to children who already know how to do a bridge, and are working the back bend and/or bridge kick over in class.

Layout and Full Clinic

If your athlete is working to perfect the back layout or is ready to start twisting, they need to take this clinic! This will be an 45 minute practice focusing body position and how to twist the body in the air. It takes a certain mastery of body shapes and strength in order to twist, and this clinic will help teach that! Athletes will get a chance to learn and practice with unique drills that will help them gain body awareness in the air which will benefit all of their twisting skills! **Prerequisites: Round-off back handspring back tuck**

                                                                  Private Lessons

Private Lessons are a great opportunity for extra practice on specific events and skills. You receive great one on one attention from a qualified member of our Downriver Gymnastics staff. If there is a particular coach you would like to work with, you may schedule a time directly with them by talking to them after class, or leaving them a message.

Price for one lesson:

1/2 hour private = $35
45 min private = $40
1 hour private = $45
1 hour semi-private = $25.00 per person (based on 2 athletes)

Reduced price per lesson if the entire month is paid in full:

1/2 hour private = $30 ($120 4 monthly privates)
45 min private = $35 ($140 4 monthly privates)
1 hour private = $40 ($160 4 monthly privates)

*All private lessons must be paid 24 hours before lesson or at the beginning of each month.

*Private lessons must be rescheduled or canceled 24 hours in advance.

*Lessons that are not cancelled or rescheduled 24 hours in advance will be considered a ‘no-show’ and      payment will be surrendered for this lesson.


Although most gymnasts/tumblers will not master these specific skills in one clinic, they will leave with more confidence, a better understanding of the skill and an awareness of proper technique. With these tools they will master the skill at a quicker rate. We are sure your child will achieve a level of success when attending one of our clinics.

Our clinics are scheduled throughout the week and will not change, unless otherwise posted.

Each clinic is $10

Students currently enrolled in classes can use a proper clinic for their skill level as a make up lesson.

Please understand that Downriver Gymnastics does not give credits for clinics for any reason. No exceptions.

Back Tuck Clinic

This clinic will focus primarily on standing back tucks. Tumblers will work a circuit while getting plenty of one-on-one attention working the back tuck. All students should have a round-off back handspring and solid standing back handspring in order to enroll

Back Handspring Clinic

If your gymnast has already mastered the back walkover, then the back handspring clinic is the place to be! This is a 45-minute clinic with emphasis not only on the back handspring, but also the round-off. Your child will work through the circuit of drills and progressive skills for the back handspring and have a wonderful time flipping with confidence.