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Tumbling & Cheer

Jumps and Flexibility - Our cheer coaches are ready to help give you the stretching routine and drills you need to go back to cheerleading ready to JUMP! Recommended for Cheerleaders ages 8+.

Flyer Training - Former MHSAA Flyer and Airport Cheerleader Lulu is here to help cheerleaders gain flying skills they'll need to stunt! Recommended for cheerleaders ages 8+.

Cheers to the Frontline - DG Elite Coaches Gigi and Jordyn are here to CHEER for our Essential Workers! Learn these fun cheers and root on our heroes! Recommended for ages 5 - 12.

Cheer Tumbling with ACP - Coach Amber and the cheerleaders from Airport High School are here to help with tumbling skills you need to be a successful MHSAA Cheerleader. We'll show examples of the skills you need with verbal tips and tricks from coach Amber.  

Class Descriptions

Jumpstart & Instructional Gymnastics

Circle Time- Join our Jumpstart Coaches for a morning wake up class! Get moving and get active while learning gymnastics! This class is recommended for ages 18m - 4 years old, or Tadpoles, Hoppers, Leapers, and Ninjanastics.

Hoppin' at Home - Ms. Amber is here to show us fun drills we can do at home for Jumpstart! 
    * Monday class is recommended for 18m - 4 years old, or Tadpoles,
       Hoppers, Leapers, and Ninjanastics
    * Tuesday class is recommended for advanced preschool - 7 years
       old, or Pollywogs, Gym Stars, Bounders, and Sunfish
    * Wednesday class is the P.A.D and is great for anyone ages 3 - 7
       years old.

Domestic Drills (3:00 Thurs and Fri) - Ms. Amber is ready to work on drills our older gymnasts can use to improve their skills!

    * Thursday class is recommended for beginner-intermediate 8+,
       Bluegill and Pike
​    * Friday class is advanced gymnasts 8+, Barracudas, Stingrays,
      Super Gym Stars, Stingrays, Xcel Bronze, and Dev. Team

Turning Tuesday - Ms. Logan is here to show us some Ballet Basics! Ballet is great for continuing a gymnast's abilities! Recommended for ages 5+.

Kickin' with Kirstyn - Ms. Kirstyn is going to show our Instructional students more skills they can do at home! This class is recommended for gymnasts 8+. 

Men's Gym - Our Boy's Team Coach Matt is here to work on skills specifically for Men's gymnastics.

Conditioning and Flexibility

Books with Cooks - Ms. Kelli and the Cooks read a fun book every day! Condition your mind! Recommended for all ages!

Dancin' with the Barrys - Ms. Stephanie and her gymnasts Claire and Emma will show you dance drills, tips, and tricks you can use to liven up your floor and beam routines.

Move It Monday - Ms. Amber is here to get a workout in while having some fun! Join us for a musically themed workout every week. Recommended for ages 3 - Adult

Bootcamp with Charlie - Ready for an intense workout? Charlie will deliver! Follow along with Coach Charlie for an intense full body workout. Recommended for ages 8 - Adult

Body By... - This week's special coach is Coach Brooke! Follow along Coach Brooke as she gives us a great workout routine you can do at home! Recommended for ages 8 - Adults

Strength with Stephanie - Each week Coach Stephanie will show us a new conditioning routine that anyone can do! Recommended for ages 8 - Adult

Flexibility Friday - Ms. Kelli is here for Flexibility for the mature athlete. This isn't your mom's stretching routine! She's going to show how to stretch to gain flexibility, which is further than just a stretch for warm up! Recommended for advanced athletes, school cheerleaders, and adults. 

DNA - Downriver Ninja Academy

Monkeying Around - Get ready to Ninja at Home! Our DNA coaches are here to Monkey around with our youngest ninjas. This class is recommended for ages 3 - 7, or Junior Jumpers and Monkey Time.

Hardcore Parkour - Our Parkour coaches and special guests are here to show us some ways we can PARKOUR at home and out and about! Recommended for parkour athletes 8+, Parkour 1 - 4. 

DG Virtual Academy!

We are so excited for the Launch of our all virtual, in home lessons that your children (and yes, you!) can take advantage of! 

We'll have everything from preschool to ninja, cheerleading conditioning, and flexibility and gymnastics drills! If we teach it, it's going to be available on DGVA.

The best part? It's FREE! Anyone in our DG Family (even our extended DG Family) can access these amazing videos by simply heading to our YouTube Channel!