13777 Eureka Rd Southgate Southgate MI 48195 US



American Girl Doll Night: Bring your doll and come explore the world of gymnastics together! We'll practice different gymnastics skills, have a dance party, sometimes a craft and fashion show as well! This event is 2 hours of non-stop fun with your best doll friend. 

Super Hero Training: Learn how to fly, jump, flip and more like your favorite hero! This parkour based event runs kids through tests, training, and activities based on the qualities of heroes! We often create a secret identity, and everyone leaves a DG certified Super Hero.

Nerf Night: Grab your Nerf Guns and darts and come hang out with us! We'll have target practices, 

Friday Night Flipout: Don't Flip Out, the Gym is open! In this event we have extra time to work on skills, practice our courses, or just come play in our amazing gym! 2 hours of non-stop fun, coaches on site for safety, and plenty of things to do in our humongous facility. 

L.O.L Surprise Parties!: We celebrate this huge trend in a DG way! We get sassy dances, practice gymnastics, and have fun crafts and photo shoots! Bring your sass but leave the dolls at home, we don't want to lose them in the pit.

Friday Night Events