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Preschool Gymnastics for Boys and Girls for Walking Age - 5 years old.

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Jumpstart Gymnastics

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Jumpstart Classes

Caviar (Walking Age - 18 Months) In this class, your child will explore basic movement with an emphasis on building motor skills and developing strength, balance, and coordination. Your child will get to burn off their endless energy in a safe, comfortable environment. A parent or guardian will also get to enjoy class with their student, creating a bonding atmosphere. This class is 1/2 hour long and is FREE until the student ages out! Registration fees do apply. 

Tadpoles (18 Months - 3 Years) Have fun with your child in this parent and tot class offered for 45 minutes. Your child will learn basic gymnastics skills, motor development, and coordination in a safe, fun, environment! You'll see the beginning stages of socialization as the kids develop friendships with other children. Tadpoles is $60 a month.

Hoppers (3 Years) This class is for the child who is ready to explore the world of the gymnastics on their own. We'll do all basic gymnastics skills, work on verbal instruction and listening skills, and strength and coordination. This class is 45 minutes long and is priced at $60 a month.

Leapers (4 Years) In this class, we invite our 4 year olds to learn the basic gymnastics skills and gain strength, coordination, and agility. In 45 minutes, we're developing good discipline and behaviors while learning our body awareness in a fun, safe environment. This class is priced at $60 a month. 

Bounders (5 Years) We go leaps and bounds for our kids! Welcome to the basics of gymnastics. In this class our 5 year olds are welcomed to start learning body awareness, confidence, strength, and basics of gymnastics. THis class is 45 minutes long, $60 a month. 

NinjaNastics (3-5 Year Old Boys) Calling all boys! This high energy, fast paced class focuses on building strength, coordination, and mobility needed for a future in either gymnastics or other sports. This class is 45 minutes long and is specially priced at $50.

Gym Stars (3-5 Years Advanced) This Invitation only class for our Jumpstart Students is the most advanced structured class for their age. These students are working in a disciplined environment, reaching towards skills they will eventually need to compete in the team program. Students must wear a leotard to class and follow the progressions needed to achieve advanced skills. This class is an hour and 15 minutes long and is priced at $80.