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JUNIOR JUMPERS (3-4 YEARS OLD) Get ready to JUMP! This beginner level class introduces our youngest ninjas to the world of parkour. We build age-appropriate obstacle courses to teach coordination, balance, and strength! We also introduce our ninja warrior equipment and trampolines. This class runs for 45 minutes and is priced at $50 a month.

MONKEY TIME (5-7 YEARS OLD) Let's Monkey Around! This beginner level class is perfect for kids with a ton of energy. We build obstacle courses, use the ninja warrior equipment, and use the tumble tracks and trampoline. Parkour is perfect for running off energy, building confidence, and gaining strength and coordination all in a fun exciting environment. This class is 45 minutes and is priced at $50 a month.

NINJA KIDS (8-15 YEARS OLD) Ninja kids is a class designed for a kid who would like to train like American Ninja Warrior! We hold Downriver's only Ninja Warrior course. This class will focus on timing, control, balance, and speed. A great way to build coordination and strength in a fun, exciting environment. This class is an hour long and is priced at $60.

PARKOUR 1 (8+ YEARS OLD) Obstacle courses, trampolines, training, oh my! A fun environment that runs off energy and keeps kids active, this class is perfect for a beginner who is interested in obstacle courses, running, and building coordination. A great way to stay active for other sports, or just off the screen! This class is an hour long and is priced at $60.


Parkour is the art of moving from obstacle to obstacle with fluidity and efficiency. Ninja Kids is designed to work with speed and control on the ninja warrior equipment, comparable to American Ninja Warrior.

Not a beginner anymore? Once a student passes a full evaluation from a coach, they may be invited to one of our intermediate or advanced classes! 



TEEN PARKOUR (13-15 YEARS OLD) Looking for a way to get your teen off the screen? Join us for our Teens only Parkour class! Ages 13 - 15 welcome to join us for obstacle course work, free running, trampoline tricking, and more! This class is an hour long and is priced at $60.

GIRLS ONLY PARKOUR (8+ YEARS OLD)​  For the student that would be more comfortable in an all girls' class, this parkour is only for girls! Girls can learn confidence, athleticism, strength, and more by joining our parkour class. This class runs for an hour and is $60 a month.


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Michigan Youth Parkour Athletic League

DG is proud to be one of the founding gyms of MYPAL. Partnered with Phoenix Freerunning, if your student continues their training and would like to advance to competition, Downriver Gymnastics offers in house and travelling parkour competitions and skills challenges!